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In order to breed good healthy Cane Corsos, insight in parents and ancestors is manatory.
Through the years, we have set up an extended database. To share this information we published this database on-line in an easy to use pedigree program.

If you are going to buy a Cane Corso, you can find pedigree information about parents and ancestors in our database.

Click here to enter the Cane Corso pedigree database

Breeders can add entire litters to the database as soon as the names and pedigreenumbers from the pups are known by clicking here to go to the on-line add a litter form

If you have any pedigrees you would like to see added to this database, click here to go to the on-line form to add a Cane Corso or send a scanned pedigree to info@canecorsopedigree.com or a copy to our homeaddress mentioned below and we will be happy to add it. If you would like us to add pictures of your dogs, please e-mail a picture to the above e-mail address. Make sure the filename includes the dog's name and/or pedigreenumber.
We try to make this database as extended as possible.

Nancy Koper