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Hip Dysplasia CHD ratings compared Elbowdysplasia Movement Teeth Cherry Eye

On this site you can find health related articles. This site will be further developed in the future.

At the moment, we can state, that the Cane Corso breed is a very healthy breed overall. There are no life-threatening deceaseís or conditions that occur on a regular basis. It is possible to reduce the risks for severe CHD by only using officially x-rayed dogs with good hips, for breeding. This doesnít make CHD impossible to show up, but it really reduces the change of severe cases showing up.

Elbow Dysplasia does occur, but this usually goes together with Hip Dysplasia. X-raying for ED is not one of the by-laws from the Dutch breed club. They do recommend to check HD D dogs, which are used for breeding on this condition. An HD D dog, which also has some degree of ED is definitely not correct for breeding proposes.

A Cherry Eye does occur in the breed on a regular basis. With this condition, the red tissue under the eye will show up as a little red ball under the eye. There are 3 methods to fix this condition. After that, the dog will not have any inconvenience of ever having the Cherry Eye and life-threatening situations are certainly not a fact with this condition. Itís only a temporarily inconvenience for the dog. Since we have a very small population of Cane Corsos in Holland, which are correct for breeding after a selection on CHD and looks, the Cherry Eye is not a condition that makes a dog not fit for breeding purposes. How the Cherry Eye is hereditary not clear yet.

In the US, a severe form of demodex, called Red Mange, does occasionally occur. This is a kind of demodex were a dog can totally go bold and even die of this condition. This kind of demodex is due to a low immune system. However, in Europe this condition is not known. Why it does occur in the US is the big question.

The articles underneath will go further into the above mentioned and other subjects.

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Nancy Koper