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Recently an Italian tv program did a show about dogshows, after they received complains that even though cropping is illegal in Italy, cropped dogs were still participating and often also winning the official dogshows in Italy. This program was focused on the Dogo Argentino. Mr. Stoppa from this tv show called the president of the ENCI (Italian Kennelclub) in this show, who promised he would change the standard, so in the future this breed would have intact ears. This he can of course NEVER do! Because the Dogo Argentino is not an Italian breed and only the country of origin can change a standard. To not loose face on Italian television, the president of the ENCI decided to change the standard of the Cane Corso. However, this did not stop with cropped ears and docked tails, but they changed more features of the breed. What exactly is written in this new standard is not known. The new standard is written by Ferdiunando Asnagi, a Terrier man. Looking at the new images used on the ENCI site, we see that among other things, the legs are shorter and the convergence of the head has been changed. Already these 2 things change the entire look of the Cane Corso. And who knows what other things have been changed in the standard!

The ENCI president, the same who promised to change the standard in this tv program, was also the "commisario collegamento ENCI", so he was obligated by the ENCI to go to all SACC meetings and to keep ENCI informed about all SACC movements. He never has been to a single meeting, breaking the bylaws of the entity and now is president of that same ENCI.

Because the ENCI acted against the bylaws, a group of Italian breeders led by lawyer Luca Lezzi, has filed a lawsuit against the ENCI at the court of Milano, Italy on April 3rd, to make them withdraw their request to the FCI for this standard change. Many breeders with an official FCI kennelname have`participated in this lawsuit.
The court may consider the ENCI decision correct to change the Cane Corso standard, but there are good chance of convincing the court to overrule the decision. In any case, if we do not act, the FCI will ratify the changes and will be hard to go back.

Legal fees can even reach € 15.000 euro if the case is lost. However, if the case is won, the legal fees will be restituted to the donators, because they will be payed by the ENCI. But at this moment we can not know the exact costs. If the donations go over €15.000 euro, every euro more shall immediately be restituted to who has paid it.
ALL transactions will be documented.
Also people without official kennelname are of course welcome to donate to this cause, to cover the costs!
Bankaccount info for donations

or PayPal dott.hutz@gmail.com

Next to this lawsuit, Mr Luca Lezzi is also working on a petition for the FCI.
The VDH (German kennelclub) also tried to change the standards from the Boxer and Dobermann, by changing the cropped ears to intact ears. The Boxer people did not do nothing and those now have intact ears in their FCI stardard. The Dobermann people have collected 2.000 signatures and send those to the FCI and this standard has NOT been changed. So it IS POSSIBLE to stop such a standard change. Especially since in our case it is not only the cropped ears and docked tails that have been changed, but the entire type will change. And all this without the breedclub being involved. The ENCI broke all bylaws and we have to let the FCI know about this!


This 2015 version is still fiction, but will be coming! The ENCI has already put up new drawings and picturs in the new ENCI website and these drawings and most pictures are done by Mr. Claudio di Giuliani and are owned by a private kennel. The ENCI has already sent the new standard to the FCI. YET, the FCI has NOT accepted this yet. All Cane Corso breeders and enthousiast can protest. The more, the better. Let the FCI know that we do NOT agree!

Download this petition and have your friends and all other Cane Corso enthousiasts sign it!
Bring it with you on shows and forward it to everyobody you know to help fight this standard change.


(In the space ‘CITY’ you must specify ‘the city of residence’. In the space ‘IDENTITY DOCUMENT NUMBER’, you must specify, for example, the number of passport, identity document or similar). All of you are invited to fill it, invite friends and Cane Corso passionate to sign, and address the original to the kind attention of "Avv. Lezzi Luca, Via Menicucci 1, 60121 Ancona (Italy)." The petition will be sent to FCI.
We can send this to the FCI untill they made a desicion. Since we do not know when this will be, we urge you not to collect too many in your personal care, but send several times what you have to Luca Lezzi. He will also send several times to the FCI, to make sure at least those are in time. And he will keep on sending till it is no longer possible.

Let's show the FCI that the Cane Corso breeders and enthousiasts worldwide are against these changes!!!!

Who does not want, or can not participate in the lawsuit, can contribute to the cause by sending a small economic contribution (also € 30) to help those who have signed the lawsuit to the undersigned lawyer.

I will update this site the next days, weeks, months, as long as needed with new information about these standard changes. So keep an eye on it.
If you want to be kept informed automatically, send an email to canecorsonancy@outlook.it and I will keep you informed by email from any new developments.

Nancy Koper