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Funny Cane Corso stories

Lots of Italians love to tell about their experiences with their Cane Corsos. Lots of these stories are almost legends. Here are some of these famous stories:

By Umberto Leone:
Once my brother-in-law came to visit my father. He arrived on a motorbike, the dog was behind the fence. As soon as the man entered the dog grabbed him by the arm and did not let go. After a while my father came home and he thought it was enough and set my brother-in-law free.

Umberto Leone from Manfredonia always had Corsos to help control the beasts and protect his property. A young man from the village always came to see a litter of puppies to look at the female pups. He entered the property while nobody was home. The Corso "on duty" (the same dog as the story above) knew this young man very well, but as soon as he entered, the dog grabbed him by the chest and didn't allow him to move before the family came back home. The man, who knew his attacker's character, stayed calm and had to wait for an hour for the owner to come home. As soon as the owner came back and ordered the dog to set the poor guy free, it just behaved normally and acted friendly towards him again.

In Manfredonia they had the right definition of fresh milk. The milkman walked around the houses with his cows. He stopped at all the houses and when the families wanted to buy milk they had it milked before their eyes. The milkman had a handful of cows and two Cane Corsos. A rope was tied to each of the cows' horns. And the dogs dragged them with these ropes. If a cow tried to run away or wouldn't stand still the other Corso would immediately take the other rope and together the dogs had total control of the cows.

The next story is one about our own Cane Corso, Delilah:

Like many, we have a mobile phone which you can also use as an alarm clock. Something Skinny often does. On day he fell asleep on the couch and had to wake up in time to do something. He had set the alarm clock in his mobile phone. But he woke up before the phone went off and went upstairs to take a shower. He left his phone on the table in the living room. Later he heard a noise outside the bathroom door and opened it to see what it was. He was very amazed when he found the phone on the floor with a lot of sixes in the display and our Delilah sitting next to it with a proud look on her face. She must have thought: 'Usually when it goes off, my master talks into it, so now that my master can't hear it, I have to bring it to him.'

This is the proof for us that a Cane Corso really is a very intelligent dog.

Do you have a great story about your own Cane Corso. E-mail it to me, so I can add it to this site.

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Nancy Koper