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Pups born 5 March 2007

7 males (5 brindle & 2 fawn) & 3 females (1 brindle & 2 fawn)

Puppy pictures:
Just born | 1 week | 2 weeks | 3 weeks | 4 weeks | 5 weeks | 6 weeks

Stefany x Chiaro E Tondo Joekel CW'05

Click here to visit the Stefany & Joekel pups' webcam

Stefany is the daughter of Italian Champion Ciro and our own Delilah
Stefany has the strong character of both her parents,
This makes her a great dog to work with
Also her pups trurned out to be great for people who love work with their dogs
Her son La Grazia Di Dio Dayko is doing real good in the obedience competition
Stefany is the mother of our own La Grazia Di Dio Kendra
Click here for more information about Stefany

Chiaro E Tondo Joekel is the son of Hitam and Goliath's Warrior Diablo
Also Joekel has a very stable character and showed to pass this on to his pups
Also in shows, Joekel made sure he is noticed,
He won the Championship clubmatch 2005 under judge Danilo Giorgio
Here he earned his official title Clubwinnaar 2005
For more information about Joekel, visit www.canecorsojoekel.nl

The characters of both Stefany and Joekel made us decide to do this combination
Both Stefany and Joekel showed us that they pass their characters on to their pups
But also in looks they proved to produce excellent qualities
With this litter, we aim for a combination of beautiful Corso look together with the great Corso character
Cane Corsos the way they were meant to be!

Our pups grow up in and around our house
All our dogs are raised as pets

For more information about the pups, you can contact us:
Phone +31 455 455 131
e-mail nancy@canecorsonancy.info

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Nancy Koper