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La Grazia Di Dio Joline x Diuk

Born 1 June 2009

Diuk is owned by Paolo Renzullo from Re Manfredi Cane Corso Kennel, the South Italian Manfredonia.
Manfredonia is the kitchen of the Cane Corso.
Here the Cane Corso is still bred by the old original recipe
The Cane Corso does not resemble Boxer, Bullmastiff, Broholmer, Great Dane or............
The Cane Corso resembles Cane Corso and we are happy that Paolo reunited us with the old original rustic Cane Corso, so that also we have the chance to breed this magnificant breed the way it was meant to be

Diuk has been proven in previous litters, to be a very good producer of great breedtype and superb characters. You can find more information about Diuk on www.canecorsoremanfredi.com/en/diuk.htm

Joline is the daughter of our own bred Champion Stella and Italian Champion Fauno Degli Elmi
Joline is our pride and joy, because we bred her ourselves and she has the old traditional rustic headtype.
She has a powerfull body and mind and has a social character.
We are extremely happy that we have been given the chance to use a stud like Diuk, to breed this rustic type also for Holland and nearby other countries, to preserve this type.
In short: Cane Corso as Cane Corso was meant to be
You can find more informatie about Joline on her own website www.canecorsonancy.be/joline/

For more information contact us at
+31 (0)6 - 27860907

Puppy pictures:
Just born | 1 week old | 2 weeks old | 3 weeks old | 4 weeks old | 5 weeks old | 6 weeks old |
8 weeks old | 9 weeks old

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Nancy Koper