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Pups born 29 February 2020
El Mesquita Hanna Bella X Virgo Delle Principesse De I Giacchini

8 males & 2 females

We have several males available

EM Hanna Bella is bred by Roy Rojas. Due to her specatular bloodline, which is difficult to find in Mexico, Roy offered me to co-own Hanna, since I live in Italy, where there are more suitable studs available for her.
Hanna is a very relaxed female. When I took her from Dallas to Manhattan by car, I would not have guessed she was not used to travelling. In Mahattan she behaved like she was used to all that traffic and people! While she grew up on Roy's farm, where there is no traffic. Hanna knows to adjust to any situation!

On the Raduno Dell'Anno 2008 we met Virgo Delle Principesse De I Giacchini. Roy saw asap that Virgo had the bloodline he was looking for, for Hanna. Virgo is the grandson of Baronessa (Morpheus x Nora), bred by Sandra Schmidt. Baronessa is the sister of Bella Bionda, the great grandmother of Hanna. This was the type and blood Roy was looking for. Besides that Virgo is an amazing dog, with a great stable character. He has CAL 2 and is 1 point away from his Italian Championship.

We did the combination Hanna x Virgo in 2019, which resulted in only 2 females, Monte and Goldie. Roy has Monte and I kept Goldie. Both of us are extremely happy with them. But we really both wanted a male from this combination. So we repeated the combination, which resulted in 8 males and 2 females.

Puppy pictures:
Just born | 1 week old | 2 weeks old | 3 weeks old

Here's a picture of Goldie, 7 months old in this picture, from last year's litter

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Nancy Koper